Our Team

Gabe Soumakian


Gabe Soumakian has served as a Superintendent at Oxnard Union in CA focusing on the vision to Redesign the High School Experience for the 21st Century Learner. Dr. Soumakian served on the 1st Cohort of the Lexington Institued Leadership Fellow and as a National Academy Foundation Fellow. Disgital Promise has accepted the District into the League of Innovative Schools.  He has been actively involved and presented at numerous leadership organizations, including ACSA, AASA, CSBA, CALSA, Partnership for the 21st Century, TICAL on topics of Personnel, 21st Century Learning, eLearning Summit, Personalized Learning Summit, and Linked Learning Convening.

Deanna Hanson

Founder and CEO of Hanson Consulting Group, has provided consulting services for major corporations and community based organizations over the past 30 years. Her passion has led her to now concentrate on education related organizations seeking to improve secondary public schools that embrace every student toward success. Schools cannot effectively implement sustainable change focused on preparing students for today’s and tomorrow’s high demand, high wage workforce needs unless businesses and communities become involved with educators and students. Ms. Hanson concentrates her practice on designing and implementing innovative approaches to business/education partnership development.

Tom Davis

Thomas Aurelio Davis is a former middle and high school bilingual science teacher, administrator, grant writer, businessman and life-long learner. In 2005, Tom formed an educational consulting business, (Net4EdAccess, LLC) which focuses on connecting business to education, superintendent and administrative searches, eliminating the achievement gap and providing solutions for K-12 school systems in the following areas: English Language Learners (especially Long Term English Learners), Students with Special NeedsStudents, At-Risk of Dropping OutEquity and Access